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    Officials from BJTU-2017 Iran Railway Construction and Operation Seminar Rounded off the Practical Training Program in Our College


    From June 20thto 24th,15 senior officials coming from Iran railway department had their practical training program in our college. They were led by Mr. Zhang Huiyu ( director of the training center of Beijing Jiaotong University) to attend the “BJTU-2017 Iran Railway Construction and Operation Seminar”.

    On the morning of 21st, the reception was held on the 3rd floor of the administration building. The meeting was attended by Mr. Wang Xiku, the secretary of the party committee of our college、Mr. Wang Hua, the deputy president of our college、Mr. Tian Lei, the deputy president of our college、Mr. Li Xin, the deputy president of our college、the sectaries and rectors of all railway schools and Mrs. Sheng Li, the director of the international communication center. Mr. Wang Hua, the deputy president of our college extended his warmest welcome to the 16-person delegation led by Mr. Zhang Huiyu at the meeting and he introduced the conditions of the working process of the international communication and the development of our college.

    15 trainees of BJTU-2017 Iran Railway Construction and Operation Seminar were comprised of the senior officials of Iran railway institutions namely as Railway corporation of Islamic Republic of Iran, Training Center of Iran Railway ,Zanjan Railway Bureau and Teheran Railway Bureau. As the purpose of the training program was to cultivate railway management talents, the practical training program on-campus was included in the practical training program.

    Based on the trainees’ demands on the railway specialties, they visited the practical training sites of the School of Railway Signaling,the School of Railway Engineering,the School of Urban Rail Transit,the School of Railway Transport,the School of Electrical Engineering,the School of Railway Locomotive and the School of Railway Rolling Stock. Outstanding teachers of our college introduced the professional knowledge and the operation knowledge in English, and trainees indicated that they had achieved a lot from their explanation.

    Mr. Zhang Huiyu, the leader of the program said that this practical training program had earned the highly attention of the leadership of our college. The impeccable railway specialty construction and the advanced practicing training equipment satisfied the practical training demand of trainees. He would like to promote the further cooperation positively between two sides.

    At the moment, the increasing overseas railway construction work mount leads to the shortage of railway talents in many cooperation countries. We can utilize the advantages of our college, can take the advantage of our college, and use our resource to develop the international academic education and training in China, so that we can establish a better foundation for improving the qualities of our teachers, expanding the popularity of our college and promoting the international development of our college.

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