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    Trainees from Our College Rounded Off the Learning Assignment in Germany


    From August 2nd to 31st, based on the friendship agreement with Technische Hochschule Deggendor, outstanding teachers from our college participated in the 2014-2015 Summer Institute of Short-term Training in Technische Hochschule Deggendor, and did a perfect job.

    With high expectations of our college leaders, there were in total 11 outstanding teachers who were elected by different departments participated in this training program. At the prep rally, President Zhou Yunlong addressed his idea that the overseas training program for teachers could make us be able to learn the advanced educational ideas and absorb qualified educational resources. Meanwhile, it could help us facilitate the communication among teaching staff, the course settings, the scientific researches, the internationalization of managing mechanism, and also broaden our horizon. Thus, the comprehensive qualities of teachers` would be promoted in many different aspects, as well as the overall strength of our college.

    Under the circumstances of thoroughly being brought into force in Technische Hochschule Deggendor, the main purpose of this training program was to make our teachers be capable of directly communicating with experts in Technische Hochschule Deggendor by having lessons, seminars and researches. It also aimed at directly studying the pattern experience of holding dual system education and cultivating application engineers, meanwhile, it helped us gain a better understanding of the German education, especially the college education.

    In the course of the program, led by Mrs. Jin Jing, these 11 outstanding teachers communicated with experts from Technische Hochschule Deggendor in nearly 30 aspects, including learning in dual system educational college, students’ internships in the company, on-line courses, further educational courses and the syllabus setting, etc..

    And they also paid a visit to Technische Universitaet München, the company of Mann-Hummel, the factory of BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke), the Deutsches Museum, the BMW Welt and BMW Museum, and the German government. At the city hall, Mr. Pammer, the deputy mayor, welcomed our teachers and introduced the status of higher education in Bavaria, etc..

    During the training time, our teachers were highly spoken of in many aspects such as punctuality,disciplinary and the unity and they showed the comprehensive qualities of Jilin Railway Technology College.

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