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    7 Exchange Students of Our College will Study in SIS Business School, Woosong University


    Recently, through the recommendation and selection, our college has decided to send 7 students as the first group of our exchange students to study in SIS Business School, Woosong University, namely Jia Tianyang, Chen Yu, Fan Hainan, Sun Jingxuan, Wang Chunpeng, Wu Aokun and Zhao Yan.

    During the year-long period, these 7 students will learn a Korean-English bilingual language course in SIS Business School.

    Under the circumstances of the sister-school relationship between two colleges and the system of mutual recognition of credit, these exchange students can gain a graduation certificate from our college if they pass their language test. And then they will directly go further study on bachelor degree for what they are learning now in Woosong University as junior students, while two years thereafter, they can gain both the certificate of bachelor degree and the certificate of graduation from Woosong University.

    Among them, if after the graduation from our college, Jia Tianyang, the president of the student union from the department of economic management, can gain a certificate of bachelor degree through the Adult College Entrance Examination within half a year, he can apply for a master degree in Woosong University. And after two years’ learning, if academic achievements approved, he can get both the certificate of master`s degree and the certificate of graduation from Woosong University, which have been accredited by the certification center of the Chinese Ministry of Education.

    In 2014, our college signed the agreement with Woosong University. Therefore, we have under taken a deeper cooperation on the aspects of running schools and the academic study among teachers. This year, by the student exchange program, we will not only lay a better foundation for the further cooperation, but also create more possibilities and space for the development of our students.

    Woosong University is located in Daejeon ,which is known as the second largest administrative capital and the Korean Silicon Valley. Woosong University has established a substantial relationship on exchange program with over 100 universities from China, America and Japan,etc.. It aims to develop itself into the greatest characteristic university in Asia. And for a long time, it has been fully committed to constructing its education in an international and characteristic way. Woosong University also owns a group of qualified and high level teachers, which consist of scholars from Korea and all other parts of the world. Over 90% of its professors gain doctor degrees from European or American universities, and among them, there are 4 professors who have been listed in the World’s Celebrities. So far, the number of foreign professors, working in Woosong University,has reached more than 300, and nearly 1100 overseas students from almost 40 countries choose Woosong University to complete their study.

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