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    The Teachers of Overseas Chinese University came to Jilin to Visit Our College


    On May 5th, Mr. Chen Botao, the president of Overseas ChineseUniversity, Mrs. Zhang Yuan, the wife of Mr. Chen Botao, Mr.Fu Xiuren, the chief of International, Taiwan and Mainland Department and Mrs. Tang Tiantian,the deputy chief of International and Taiwan and Mainland Department came to visit our college. Dr. Zhou Yunlong, the president, Mrs. Yu Sufang, the chief of the Academic Administration Office, Mr. Wang Jianjun, the chief of Human Resource Management Department, Mr. Li Xin, the chief of Recruitment and Employment Office and Mrs. Sheng Li, the director of International Communication Center warmly received the guests.

    At1 5:40, a cooperation meeting was held in the meeting room on the 3rd floor of the administration building. During the meeting, both parties had a thorough discussion on the related working of the joint talent training programme on matched majors and exchanged the experience and opinions on various issues of teachers training and students’ exchange. Two schools expressed the good wishes on enhancing the communication and cooperation in the future and signed the intentional cooperation agreements for the future.

    In the afternoon, a promotion meeting of studying aboard was held in the meeting room on the 5th floor of the administration building by Mr.Fu Xiuren and Mrs. TangTiantian. Mrs. Tang Tiantian introduced the local conditions and customs of Taiwan and the features and conditions for running Overseas Chinese University,and she had an interaction with our students positively.

    Overseas Chinese University was established in 1962, located in Situn district, Taichungcity of Taiwan. Overseas Chinese University possesses 3 colleges, 10 departments, 3 graduate institutes.Overseas Chinese University is an university which cultivates the practical specialized talents focusing both on the theoretical and practical training,combines the technology and humanity and emphasizes on the students` practical ability training.

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