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    Overseas Students Class Opening Ceremony First Hosted by JRTC for Kenyan Students Jointly Trained by BJTU and JRTC


    On the morning of March 11th, the first 15 Kenyan students belonging to JRTC-BJTU joint program arrived at JRTC, which means they have become the first overseas students with academic education. These Kenyan students will spend one year in JRTC studying vehicle engineering or railway signaling.

    At 13:00, the class-opening ceremony for these Kenyan students was held in the second conference room of the Administrative Building. The leaders and faculty staff of JRTC attended the class-opening ceremony. They are  Mr. Cao Bingzhi, the president of JRTC; Mr. Wang Hua, the vice president; Mrs. Zhang Hui,  the director of Academic Affairs Office; Mr. Li Yuanfu,  the director of Students Division; Mrs. Gao Lixian,  the general secretary of Railway Rolling Stock School;  Mr. Duan Jinhui, the rector of Railway Rolling Stock School; Mr. Mo Jianguo,  the rector  of Railway Signaling School; Mrs. Sheng Li,  the director of International Communication Center and  Mrs. Liu Shiyu and Mr. Yu Haiyang, two teachers of International Communication Center as well as other teachers. Besides, Ms. Song and Ms. Liu from BJTU also attended the class-opening ceremony, which was hosted by the vice president Wang Hua.

    At the conference, the president Cao Bingzhi extended a warm welcome to the overseas students on behalf of JRTC and gave a brief introduction about the college and the overseas students program under the Belt and Road Initiative. The president also asked the students about their feelings and experience affectionately. Finally, Mr. Cao made three points for the overseas students: the students shall abide by Chinas law and relevant regulations of JRTC, thus becoming excellent students of JRTC; the students can take this opportunity to improve themselves professionally, making contributions to the Kenya railway development. Hopefully, they can adapt to the campus life as soon as possible, learn more about traditional Chinese culture and make more friends and become the massagers of the cultural exchanges between China and Kenya.

    Under the background of Chinas Belt and Road Initiative to boost education, JRTC actively follows the policy, keeps implementing international strategies and promotes closer cooperation with the universities of different countries along the belt and road. The JRTC will take multiple measures to encourage the students and faculty members to go global, strive to build strong faculty members proficiently both in English and Chinese, and cultivate well-rounded talents equipped with state-of-the-art technology as well as international exposure. The first overseas students studying in JRTC has great significance to the Belt and Road Initiative and the going global strategy of CRH. Their arrival will also contribute greatly to the cultivation of International talents and high-quality education of JRTC.

     (Contributed by Li Qingzhi Yu Haiyang from International Communication Center Proofread by Sheng Li)

    Overseas Students Class Opening Ceremony First Hosted by JRTC for Kenyan Students Jointly Trained by BJTU and JRTC

    Photo of the Leadership of JRTC with the Kenyan Students


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