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Introduction to JLRTC
    Jilin Railway Technology College

    Jilin Railway Technology College is a province-owned higher vocational college with over sixty years’history. In February of 2006, Jilin Railway Technology College was merged by the former Jilin Railway Economy College established in 1948 and Jilin Railway Transportation Staff College established in 1958. It was affiliated with railway industry in the past. Now it is the only vocational college focusing on railway specialties in Jilin province. The college took the    lead in organizing Jilin Railway Vocational Education Corporation including 98 partner units.

    The college owns nearly 10000 students and almost 500 teaching faculties. The college trains about 10000 talents for the railway field and the society every year. The enrollment of adult education is about 10000 each year.

    Jilin Railway Technology College is located in the nuclear region of Changchun-Jilin-Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture open guiding zone. The campus covers anarea of 872.3 thousand square meters with the building area of 241.8 thousand square meters and the total asset is approximately 1.2 billion yuan. There exist 139 practicing training rooms and practicing sites within the campus combining the functions of teaching, training and identification of vocational skills. Our college jointly formed 88 off-campus practicing bases with partner companies, which can meet the demands of teaching requirements.The campus of Jilin Railway Technology College covers the largest area among the higher vocational colleges in Jilin province with the largest building area of the indoor stadium and the largest scale and fully functional general railway practicing field in Northeast China.The college has the modernized and intellectualized library and the training center combining the functions of teaching, catering and accommodation.

    There are 9 departments: Railway Transportation Department,Railway Signaling Department,Railway Engineering Department, Railway Locomotive Department, Rolling Stock Department, Electrical Engineering Department, Automotive Engineering Department,Computer Science and Technology Department, Economics and Management Department.Our college has 39 specialties. Besides the principle specialties- the railway specialties we also have the auxiliary specialties about social generality knowledge.

    In recent years, the situation of graduates’ employment is very well. In 2014, our college was entitled as “The Typical and Experienced College for National Graduates’ Employment” (one of the fifty national giant employment colleges).

    Since our college is energetically developingthe international communication and cooperation, we have built communication and cooperation relationship with some advanced vocational colleges: Germany, South Korea, America, New Zealand, Australia, Russia,Singapore,Finland and so forth.

    In the future, based on the national diplomatic policy of introducing the high-speed railway, the overseas quantity of railway construction projects is constantly increased. As China’s technique and standard are adopted by the high-speed railway, the railway specialty talents are extremely needed in partner countries. Our college contains railway industry field advantages of the superior facility conditions in practical training, learning and living.Meanwhile, we make endeavor to develop the academic education for the overseas students who come from the partner countries that have the cooperation relationships with China’s railway. The short-term and medium-term training for railway employees are also included in our training domain.

    We energetically create internationalized image of our college.