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Mid-Term Training
    Mid-term Training

    Mid-termTraining Programme for Railway Specialties10 months- 18months

    Teachingin English

    Specialties  on Railway

    Core  Curriculum

    Training  Goal

    Rail  Traffic Operations & Management

    l          RailwayTrain Organization

    l          Railway Passenger Traffic

    l          RailwayFreight Traffic


    l          Railway Signaling

    l          Railway  Passenger Traffic


    l          Service  Etiquette of

    Railway Passenger Traffic

    This major aims to cultivate the  high-quality technical skilled talents who possess the spirit of innovation  and sustainability, and will be capable in doing railway transportation and  production, also are able to manage the frontline positions.

    This major also aims to educate the  talents who have the comprehensive development in the aspects of moral,  intelligence, sports, aesthetics and labor education. Meanwhile the talents  need to master the basic theories which are necessary for this major. Various  rules and regulations and measures of organizing and managing are also  required. The talents also need to master the operational approaches of  passengers and goods railway transportation equipment and trains equipment.  At the same time, the talents need to possess the abilities on railway  shunting, train reception and departure, train dispatching, passenger traffic  organization, freight traffic organization and luggage and parcel traffic.

    Railway  Engineering Technology

    l          Railway Track

    l          Railway Bridge

    l          Railway Safety

    l          Railway Bed

    l          Railway Tunnel

    Theoretical Goals:

    Master the basic  structure of railway equipment and the safety knowledge for maintenance.

    Technological Goals:

    .Master the basic skills of railway line  maintenance;

    Master the skills of railway line  operation.

    Electrified  Railway Technology

    l          Electric Machine and

    Electric Control Technology

    l          Electrified Railway

    Power Supply and Transformation Technology(Once)

    l          Electrified RailwayPower Supply and

    l          Transformation Technology (Twice)

    l          Electrified

    Railway Tractive Power Supply System

    l          Electric System Motion

    l          Cable Suspension Wire, Catenary System

    l          The Rely Protective of  Traction

    l          High Voltage Technique

    l          Verification of  Professional Technical AbilityTraining

    This major aims to cultivate the high-quality technical skilled  talents who possess the learning ability and meet the frontline demands on  producing, constructing, managing and service.

    This major also aims to educate the  talents who have the comprehensive development in the fields of moral,  intelligence, sports aesthetics and labor education. Also, the healthy  physical condition and professional accomplishments are required in the  talents education. The talents who are familiar with the computer technique  have the spirit of innovation. Furthermore, the talents mastering the  necessary specialized knowledge of railway traction power supply system are  capable in the aspects of the recondition and construction of overhead  contact system operation, the operation and recondition of substation and  distribution station and electrical equipment test.

    Railway  signaling

    l          Electrical Engineering and Electronic  Technology

    l          Computer Drawing Technique

    l          Railway Signaling infrastructure Maintenance

    l          Station interlock equipment Maintenance

    l          Section Block equipment Maintenance

    l          Train Dispatching Equipment Maintenance

    l          Train Control System Equipment Maintenance

    l          Railway Signaling Engineering Construction  Technology

    l          Professional Comprehensive Practical Training

    This major aims to educate the  high-quality technical skilled talents who possess the basic theoretical  knowledge of railway signaling system. In addition, the talents are capable  of installing and debugging the railway signaling equipment and dealing with  the daily maintenance, the fault handling and the construction work.

    Railway  Locomotive

    l          Locomotive Generality and Bogie

    l          Locomotive Generality and Bogie

    l          Locomotive (CRH) Powerplant

    l          Locomotive (CRH) Braking Technology

    l          Locomotive Traction Application

    l          Locomotive (CRH) Control Technology

    l          Locomotive Maintenance

    l          Locomotive Stewards` General  professional-post-training

    l          Locomotive Bench Workers` General  Professional-post-training

    This major aims to cultivate the  locomotive bench workers and the locomotive stewards who cherish posts and  devote themselves to their work. The locomotive bench workers are required to  do the regular fixing on the locomotive, and the locomotive stewards need to  be familiar with the structure and the principles of Locomotive (CRH) and the  locomotive driving skills. The locomotive stewards also should be talented in  dealing with the faults in an emergency.

    Rolling  Stock

    l          Structure and Maintenanceof Train Body

    l          Structure and Maintenance of Wheel and Axle

    l          Structure and Maintenance of Bogie

    l          Structure and Maintenance of Coupler and   Draft Gear

    l          Structure and Maintenance of Vehicle Braking  Device

    l          Structure and Maintenance of Vehicle  Electrical Device

    l          Vehicle Application and  Management

    l          Vehicle Quick Repairing

    l          Vehicle  Inspector

    l          Vehicle Bench Worker

    The target of this major is about  educating the talents who master the vehicle structure and organization, the  maintenance methods and skills in each part. The talents who have the  processing ability on emergency common faults can do the proficiency testing  and quick fixing of single carriage and trains.

    ※ In the above specialties, there being some specialties have Englishinterpreters for practical training courses.